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How to upload Holidays in Bright Return?

Ease into daily attendance tracking, leave management, and comprehensive documentation with BrightReturn.

To upload holidays in Bright Return, follow these steps:

Log in as an administrator.

Go to Administration > HRMS.

There are two ways to upload holidays:

  1. Manually: Click on the "+" button, provide details like Name, Description, and Date of the holiday.
  2. CSV Upload: Download the Holidays Import Template. Open the downloaded CSV file in Excel.

Ensure you do not change any column names in the first line. Fill the template with the required information.

  • Save the file as a CSV.
  • Upload the saved CSV file.
  • Date and Name are required fields.

By following these above steps, you will be able to upload holidays in Bright Return using either the manual input method or by uploading a CSV file.