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How to configure Email setting in Bright Return?

Within the Administration tab, you'll find the Client Portal Settings option, granting administrators control over client visibility and functionality.

Here's how it works:

Client Portal Access: The admin can turn this on or off. When it's off, clients can't use the portal, and they'll see a message to contact the admin if they try to access it.

Specific Controls: The admin can also be very specific:

  1. Dashboard: This controls whether clients can see the dashboard.
  2. Client Tasks (Work): This decides if clients can check their tasks.
  3. Bright Desk (Mails, Tickets): It manages access to emails and tickets.
  4. Documents: This sets whether clients can access documents.

In a nutshell, Client Portal Settings help admins customize what their clients can do and see, giving them flexibility to choose what's available in the portal.